5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Courier Service

Due to the speed, safety, affordability, promptness and ease of use, couriers stand apart from standard mail delivery services. By choosing a courier service over a standard delivery service such as the Royal mail or a large delivery chain, you or your small or large business can benefit from the personalised service and low cost that accompanies any type of courier service! Hire a courier for your next delivery if you’re looking for a better way to deliver packages and mail!

Speed: Couriers are focused specifically on you and your delivery, often delivering individual packages, letters or large haulage. They aren’t bogged down with a vehicle full of deliveries like standard mail carriers or larger courier services are. Your delivery is a couriers first priority. Couriers can get your package or envelope to your destination quickly, efficiently and safely.

Security: Your package or parcel will be well protected and, if at all, is less likely to get lost and damaged between point A and point B. Couriers tend to serve a small, familiar customer base, making them more accountable for your delivery’s security.

Affordability: Because of their lower operating costs, courier services usually charge less for their deliveries than a larger mail or delivery services. Couriers will deliver your package for less, and it is often possible to adjust the rates depending on your needs.

Promptness: It’s easier to be prompt for couriers, and they usually do. If you specifically request a package to arrive on a day at a specific hour, courier services can be do it. They can deliver every time on time! Your delivery is usually one of the only things they carry because of the nature of the courier delivery. It’s easier to be prompt when the main focus of the courier is your delivery.

Ease of Use: The location of courier services makes them more accessible to their customers. When they are easy to contact, the use of courier services is easier and your delivery order can be specified. You don’t have to navigate the hurdles of climbing with larger national chains or other types of service delivery.

Speedy Sprint is your leading provider, courier and logistics company. With a UK wide network of high-quality couriers. Our courier services are perfect for you, regardless of whether you are big or small local business.

Which Vehicle Is Right For You?

Our Vehicles

The types of vehicles we have available at Speedy Sprint:

Small Van – Ideal for small parcels and deliveries up to 550kg.

Medium Wheel Base (MWB) – One of the most commonly used vans for courier jobs. Suitable for deliveries for up to 2 pallet spaces and up to 1000kg.

Long Wheel Base (LWB) – Suitable for up to 1.2 tonnes, these vans can fit 4 pallet spaces. This is a popular van used to meet our customer requirements.

Luton – We can supply Luton vans that are fitted with tail-lift for heavy goods. This assists with loading and unloading. This is a good option for the larger/heavier courier loads, palletised goods and deliveries onto construction sites.

Our service

  • We are open and contactable Monday to Sunday by web chat, Messenger, email, SMS text, WhatsApp and phone
  • We will endeavour to pick up your parcel within 60-90 minutes of your order confirmation
  • We pick up and drop off anywhere in the UK seven days a week
  • We offer a web and mobile based quotation system, booking platform, registration, parcel tracking updates and many other features. Or if you prefer the the ‘human touch’ , then just complete the QUICK BOOK form and we’ll call you back
  • You can also pre-book a pick up or a drop off time if that parcel really needs to be there ‘on the dot’
  • YOU are the most important customer to us; whether you are a private customer or a business in the multiple sectors we serve
  • Our in-house dynamic pricing algorithm ensures that you are getting the most optimised prices
  • Our service is guaranteed because we only use dedicated ‘point-to-point’ drivers for each job
  • Our drivers are insured to ensure that your parcel is protected
  • Need us regularly to carry out jobs, open an account with us
Valuable item deliveries – you need a safe pair of hands!

It might seem extravagant to hire a van to deliver an item that could go cheaply via the post, but if it’s valuable, or time sensitive it simply isn’t worth the risk.

That’s when you need the security and assurance of sending your consignment with a dedicated vehicle for a sameday, timed delivery.

For complete peace of mind, we use fully maintained and tracked vehicles driven by CRB checked trained drivers so you can rely on us when you need to.

Financial documents, passports, contracts, court papers, and certificates are all entrusted to us for same day delivery on a dedicated vehicle. We carry delicate items, prototypes, valuable goods and perishables too. And because we’re in touch with our drivers, we can give you up to date details on where we are, ETA’s and keep you informed should any road conditions delay our progress,

We work with accountants, law firms and the probation service, as well as for specialist manufacturers, collectors, artists and sculptors.

Communication is our strong point and we pride ourselves on staying in touch with you to give you information as and when you require it. We’ll give you proof of delivery via signature as soon as the goods arrive so you can focus on your other tasks, and not worry about your delivery.

Dedicated vehicles are available any time of day or night, so if your consignment is time sensitive, even if it needs to be in Scotland for 8 in the morning, we’ll be there.

Account holders have access to us any time, so why not open an account if you don’t have one already, just so you’re ready should the unexpected need arise. Call us today: 0203 488 5330.